Your Attachment Style is Avoidant (+23 Insights About You)

Your scores are truly unique. It's important to know your degrees for each attachment style (0-100%) and how you compare to others. This knowledge can positively impact the course of your entire life. Don't miss out - join 1,089,766 users and download your full report.

PLUS: Find Out Your Partner's Attachment Style
Test based on the attached the new science of adult attachment and how it can help you find   and keep   love, new york times bestseller book. (1)

Your scores are truly unique. Unlocking your degrees of anxious, secure, and avoidant (0-100%) is the next step to know yourself better and start to improve your love life for good.

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What Your Report Includes

  • Learn your scores (0-100%) by attachment style
  • Discover how to use your scores to make your relationships better 
  • Find out what is your most compatible partner’s attachment style
  • BONUS: quiz to know your partner/date style gif maker (12)

How to Use Your Report to Strengthen Your Relationships

Know Yourself - Unlock Your Scores

Self-knowledge means, first of all, seeing the pattern. Understand your attachmenmt style and what your personalized scores mean.

Solve Relationship Conflicts

When you sense an argument brewing, what's your initial reaction? Knowing your and your partner's love language can empower you to respond differently to help you resolve the conflict successfully. 

Your report includes questions to identify your partner's attachment style.

Build Stronger Relationships

Ultimately, the quality of your relationships dictates the quality of your life. Learn how to communicate your needs effectively and finally get what you want in your relationships.

The Science Behind It

Attachment theory has been researched for over 30 years, pioneered by John Bowlby in 1988. Over the years, a growing number of studies suggest that your attachment style has a key role in the success of your relationships.

As many popular books state, including Attached by psychiatrist Dr. Amir Levine and neuroscientist Rachel Heller, an understanding of adult attachment can help anyone find and sustain love.

This test and its results are based on years of research by leading psychologists in the fields of Attachment and relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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